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I want to start this blog by recommending some great relaxing music by SPA Music. When I wrote my master thesis in English (about the translation of medical texts) in 2013, I would listen to SPA Music a lot. Both when I was meditating and when I was working. I like listening to calm music when I work. Whenever I listen to songs with someone singing, I will just be distracted and start singing along.

I will not recommend any particular song; SPA Music has released so, so many great ones. Just have a look on their artist page on Spotify, and I guarantee that you will find so many pieces that you will love. The album I listened to the most when I wrote my thesis was SPA Hotel – Ultimate SPA and Wellness Relaxation. You can listen to tracks from the album via Spotify below.

SPA Hotel's 10 Most Popular Tracks

SPA Hotel—My Favorite Album

Guided Meditations With Beautiful Music

Since you are reading this post, you might like to do relaxation exercises and meditate to beautiful relaxing meditation music. Meditating to just music takes some practice, and sometimes it can be nice to listen to a guided meditation. I have released close to 30 audiobooks with guided meditations in English and Swedish. Most are in Swedish, but more are coming soon in English. You can stream them on Scribd, Nextory, Playster, and Storytel, buy them on Apple Books, Google Play,, etc., and even borrow them for free via digital library services such as Bibliotheca, hoopla and OverDrive.

When producing the meditations it has always been important to me to include gentle, relaxing and soothing background music. A lot of my meditations have background music by the compose Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Read more about the meditations by clicking the cover images below.


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