Redefining Love. Book, Lecture and Course Recommendations About Love and Positivity


A few yeas ago, I took an online course in positive psychology taught by Barbara Fredrickson from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I learned a lot about positive thinking, and most importantly, that “negative” thinking is just as important. If our lives were a ship, negative thinking would be the keel and positive thinking the sail. The boat would not move without either of them.

Positive thinking is not the topic of today’s blog post however. It is love. Fredrickson says that we need to redefine the word love. Love according to Fredrickson, who has studied the subject from a physical point of view, is short micro moments of contact with other people. And these micro moments have a huge impact on our health. Among other things, it affects the vagus nerve, which reduces the risk of having a heart attack. Below I share one of the books Fredrickson has written about Love and two lectures/talks about love and positivity. And lastly, there is also a link to the course I took in positive psychology.


Love 2.0

Fredrickson has written a book about her research into love. Read more about it on:

TEDx talk


Video from MIT Media Lab. Recorded in October 2018.

Are you interested in taking the course I wrote about  above? Sign up here: 

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