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Choose what kind of relaxation exercise or guided meditation you are looking for. Some products are listed in more than one category. Once you have selected a category, you will be able to filter by language. At the bottom of the page there are links to other products such as nature sounds and nature sounds in combination with music. Everyone can access these pages and read the information. If you are member of my membership site on Patreon, you will also be able to click a link on each product page that will open an audio player that will play the title in question. 

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises are a type of meditation where you use your breathing to relax and connect with your body. Click the covers to read more.

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations is the category name for meditations that are like a story.  Most meditations are guided imagery meditations, meaning that you imagine sound, smells

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Loving Kindness

Below you can see all my Loving Kindness meditations. Filter by language to see meditations in your preferred language only. Share on facebook Share on

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For Sleep

The audiobooks for sleep consists of two types of exercises. First, there is Sleep Stories. These will take you through an imaginary adventure that will

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For Kids

The meditations and relaxation exercises in this category have been written especially for children. Below you will see all audiobooks in this category. Choose the

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