Softly Crackling Embers

Is a nature sound recording of a fire burning in a fireplace. The recording is done towards the end when there are mostly just embers left. The wind-like sounds of the small flames that are still there have been toned down in post-production to make the wonderfully soothing crackling sound of the embers clearer. The recording lasts for one hour. This nature sound recording can be used to create a warm and tranquil atmosphere when you are just relaxing in your home, or for meditation or resting.

Fire, as well as rain, is sometimes called nature’s own pink noise and some also find it beneficial to listen to fire sounds when falling asleep. There is still much further research to be done, but some small studies suggest that pink noise reduces the activity in the brain, which helps us relax and fall asleep. You may find that Softly Crackling Embers works very well to help you fall asleep, but if not, you may want to try the sister recording, which was done a little bit earlier of the same fire when it was burning a little bit more intensely. In Relaxing Fire Sounds, the recording is completely natural and the sound of the flames has not been reduced, which means that the wind-like buzzing sound of the flames is present and may make you more sleepy if you find that Softly Crackling Embers does not have that effect on you.

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December 1st, 2021

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