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AnyPlay, Storytel, Bookmate, Bokus Play, and Nextory. We are working on making my content available on BookBeat. I have also recently started a membership site on Patreon where you can stream everything on audiobook platforms (and more) for a smaller fee – $5 + tax/VAT. Subscribing to me directly on Patreon gives you early access to new content as soon as it is finished instead of having to wait the time it takes to have a new title distributed. Everything I make on Patreon in 2021 will go into creating new products and hopefully to translate my catalog to more languages. Once you have subscribed and logged in to your Patreon on your device, you can use my product catalog here on my website to filter my products. 

Older works and/or shorter exercises are also published to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other music streaming sites. (YouTube Music is a mess and created over five different topics channels for the meditations. If you would have liked to listen on YouTube – download Spotify. There is a free version with ads of Spotify as well)

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Apple Books, iTunes (a selection), Google Play Book,, Adlibris, Bokus, and many more audiobook sites. Some sites demand opening and closing credits. Apple Books and Google Play are among those. Turn to iTunes, Adlibris, and Bokus to get the titles without credits.

Library Services/Apps

Borrow for free using your library card.

International: OverDrive, 3Leaf Group, Baker & Taylor, Bibliotheca, EBSCO, Follett, hoopla, MLOL, Odilo, OverDrive, Perma-Bound, Wheelers.

Sweden and some parts of the Nordic region: Biblio, OverDrive

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Loving Kindness

Below you can see all my Loving Kindness meditations. Filter by language to see meditations in your preferred language only. Share on facebook Share on

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations is the category name for meditations that are like a story.  Most meditations are guided imagery meditations, meaning that you imagine sound, smells

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For Sleep

The audiobooks for sleep consists of two types of exercises. First, there is Sleep Stories. These will take you through an imaginary adventure that will

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For Kids

The meditations and relaxation exercises in this category have been written especially for children. Below you will see all audiobooks in this category. Choose the

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For Beginners

The products listed below are extra good for beginners. However, none of the relaxation exercises and meditations presented on this site are difficult and are

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