My First Meditation in Danish Will Be Available Soon

This is so exciting! I am very proud to announce that I am expanding my catalog to include meditations in more languages. Since Denmark is so close to me living in southern Sweden, Danish felt like a good place to start. While Danish and Swedish are very similar, they are also very different. So, while I narrate everything in English and Swedish myself, titles in other languages will be narrated by professional voice-over artists. In this case, Rosenhaven, the Danish version of The Rose Garden, is read by Iben Plesner, one of Denmark’s most experienced and hired voice-over artists. It was translated from Swedish to Danish by Joan Smidt. 

Release date: June 14th, 2021. Don’t want to wait until the 14th? Go to my Patreon, become a member and listen today!

You will be able to find Rosenhaven. En guidet meditation in most places you find audiobooks, such as Apple Books, Google Play Books, Storytel, Nextory, AnyPlay etc. 

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