Breathing Exercise 3

Breathing Exercise 3 just like breathing exercises 1 and 2 this meditation is one of the first ones that I did and released to Spotify but have not released as an audiobook since I thought it was too short. It is, however, still available on Spotify and on my Patreon. There are three different versions of this breathing exercise and each one of there is available in one version with just background music, another with music with binaural beats, and the third one with ocean waves. They are all available as one album on Spotify. Patreon does not allow me to add more than one audio player to each post so, therefore, there are three posts one for each length. (I used to make far too many versions of each meditation when first starting out. I am going to change that moving forward).

The concept here is easy. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth all throughout the meditation to help your body relax.







Sophie Påhlsson

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Breathing Exercise 3, 3.5 min
Breathing Exercise 3, 5 min version
Breathing Exercise 3, 8 min version