New Loving-Kindness Meditation

A loving-kindness meditation based on my own personal favorite phrases is now available. I released both a Swedish and an English edition on the same day. Hopefully, there will be other versions available in more languages next year. 

Both can be streamed on Storytel, Bookmate, Nextory, and Spotify. Patreon subscribers can stream both the Swedish and English version along with all other meditations, relaxation exercises, and sleep stories I have produced om my Patreon. You can buy it in places you normally buy audiobooks, such as Apple Books and Google Play Books, for example. In some countries, you can borrow it digitally through you local library. Check with them to see what platform they use.

Read more by clicking the card link to the product page below. Below the link you can also listen to a preview or, if you have Spotify, stream it directly here from this news post. 

Product Page


Stream on Spotify

Also available in Swedish


First Title in French!

I am happy to announce that I have released my first title in French. It is a translation of Meditation for Physical Relaxation. The French title

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