My Meditations Now on Anyplay

Great news for those of you listening to audiobooks on! Now you can stream my guided meditations there too! Just search for Sophie Grace Meditations and they will pop up. Anyplay is a audiobook streaming service available in over 150 countries so chances are good that it will be available in whatever country you live in. And, of course, there is an app that you can easily download from App Store or the Google Play store depending on your device. 


Don’t want to subscribe to Anyplay? Then you can also listen to my meditations on Storytel, Bookmate, Bokus Play and Nextory. We are always working on making my content available on more audiobook apps. If my meditations are not available on the app you are using, let us know what app you’re using and we’ll se what we can do. Some apps have waiting lists. So letting the service’s customer service department know you would like to be able to listen to my meditations may help move me up on their list. 

Don’t want to subscribe to an audiobook app? Want access to early content and stream my meditations before anyone else? Subscribe to me on Patreon and listen to a lot more and pay less!