I Have Joined Patreon!

Would you like to listen to more meditations and relaxation exercises than I have made available on Spotify? And my sleep stories? Aren’t audiobook streaming apps available where you live? Or don’t you want to pay $15/€15 or so per month for an app like that just to listen to me? Now you can! I have set up my own membership site on Patreon where subscribers can pay less than half of that and stream all my content as much as they want. If you become a so-called patron you will also have access to everything as soon as I have finished producing itmeaning earlier than everyone else! Sometimes you will also get to weigh in on what version of a meditation I should release and what background music that might work best, for example. 

I am also going to use Patreon as a kick-starting platform. Everything I make on Patreon subscriptions in 2021 will be used to hire the translators and voice-over artists I need to make my products available in more languages. 350 monthly subscribers for one year will make it possible for me to make my current catalog available in one more language. The more patrons from one region, the higher the priority will be to make the content available in their language. 

About Patreon
Patreon is a well-known platform that creatives use to provide subscribing members access to exclusive and/or early content and/or as a kick-starting site. The great thing about it is that Patreon handles all the payments and supply and support all the technology needed so that I can focus on creating more content instead of managing the platform. The especially great thing about this is that I can go on vacation and know that if anyone has any problems with their payments or getting access to the content, they can just contact Patreon support and they will help them out. So no-one needs to worry about me not being available. Patreon is available as an app. Once you have installed it on your device, created an account/logged in, and chosen your membership tier. You can either filter posts directly in the app or use the product section here on the website or my Quick-Navigation page. Once logged in your device or browser should remember your login so when you click the button on the product page, or title on the Quick-nave pages, it will open the Patreon audio-player and stream the meditation. 

My Tiers

All languages

English Only

Swedish Only

The tiers cost the same. The most important feature is that the tier you choose decide what kinds of notifications you get and what content you can stream. Are you interested in hearing when I upload a new product, regardless of what language it is in, then choose All languages. If you only want to listen to my content in English and only want notifications when something new is available in English, choose English Only. Similarly, if you only want to listen to and hear about new content in Swedish, choose Swedish Only. 

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