Daytime-Version of The Cozy Cabin Available December 1st, 2021

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My sleep story The Cozy Cabin is one of my most popular audiobooks. It has been streamed on audiobook streaming platforms thousands of times by people using it to help them fall asleep. However, one of the main parts of the story may also be helpful if used during the day—the process of releasing difficult emotions. So I adapted the script and removed all the “falling asleep” elements and converted those into just instructions for relaxing. Examples of this are that you are walking through a winter landscape during the day in the beginning and you lie down to relax and rest on a couch toward the end instead of falling asleep in a comfortable bed. The title of the daytime version is The Winter Cabin. A Meditation Story. You will be able to find it plus an extended version where you usually find audiobooks* starting December 1st. Read more about the audiobook on the product pages.

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*Audible only accepts audiobooks that also come as e-books. Since guided meditations are no use in written form none of my titles are available on Audible. But, they are available in so many other places that actually give you more for your money than Audible does by allowing you to listen to as many audiobooks as you want such as Storytel, Bookmate etc.