Binaural Version of Den nemmeste afspændningsøvelse nogensinde now Available

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The original version of Den nemmeste afspændningsøvelse was released in Danish in June this year. Today, I am releasing a binaural version, with alpha and theta waves, for those of you who like binaural beats. The relaxation exercise is available where you find audiobooks. Subscribing members on my Patreon can stream it an all my other content as much as they want as soon as I have finished it. (Before everyone else.) A short version will be released on September 30th. 

Want to borrow it via Danish library service eReolen? Ask for it at your local library and/or e-mail those responsible for materialevalg at eReolen ( if you cannot find it. eReolen has chosen to accept the original versions of Rosenhaven och Den nemmeste afspændningsøvelse but no binaural versions so far. But they might if you ask. eReolen also has access to all the English versions so if you want to listen to one of those you can ask for it as well. 

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